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Siebenberg House

Region: Jerusalem and surroundings      Category: Archaeological Museums     

Siebenberg House
Siebenberg House
Siebenberg House

Archaeological excavations carried out underneath the Siebenberg home in the course of 18 years of work have revealed fascinating remains of ancient dwellings, aqueducts and burial vaults reaching back to the days of King Solomon as well as of the Second Temple period, and rare artifacts, including pottery, glass and weapons. Siebenberg House offers a fascinating slide show, which is followed by a guided tour of the excavations in a variety of languages. Special events and harp recitals can also be arranged in the unique setting, which is interwoven in the scenery and history of Jerusalem. Jewish life, thus embedded in the very bedrock of this unique venue, offers a new dimension to a visit to the Eternal City.


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Useful Information
  • Opening hours
      A slide show and guided tour take place Sunday through Thursday for Groups (20 or more) by phone appointment
  • Admission
    Entrance fee
  • Address
    5, Beit-Hashoeva Alley, Jerusalem
  • Location
    Jewish Quarter, lower part of Batei-Mahse Road
  • Transportation
    Buses: 1, 38
  • Phone

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